Once in Berlin

We are sitting behind the famous Suicide Circus. Surrounded by vividly colored Graffiti on the walls of Skate Halle Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus and some local bars. We feel tiny and a little lost. Yet it is a good lost, the curious wanderer kind of lost.

*Click* – goes the sound. Light. Inhale. Hold. Exhale.


Crowds of dark unfamiliar figures are passing us sitting here on the cold metal stairs. No argument, atmosphere is a little hostile and I avoid any longer eye contact with the passer-byes. We hold bottles of Berliner Pilsner in our hands as if it is a ticket to the night-time of this city. Being slightly paranoid as a person I keep looking back and forth for a thief, assassin or god damn knows what. My fears are growing with the turn of every second. In contrast, my two friends are having an amazing time, as I can see. They sit there enjoying the same Berliner Pilsner that I have. They are smoking the same cigarettes as I am. In the end, they are in the same cold dark and unknown place where I am. Then why, I think, I feel so different.

*Click* Light. Inhale. Hold. Exhale.

I have no choice but to let go of my fears. My wish to continue with the night is stronger than anything. I feel that it is time to step out of my comfort zone and get to know what is outside the cozy, safe and well-known reality that I wake up to every morning. Thus, instead of leaving my friends and running back to the hostel where we stay, I put away my fears and turn to my friends for meaningless but hilarious chatter.

*Click* Light. Inhale. Hold. Exhale.

I don’t even notice how this dark and damp lane next to Suicide Circus gradually turns into a colorful and arty environment. I pay attention to the beautiful artwork on the walls next to me. Instead of listening to the unknown people passing by I concentrate on the soft rhythm coming from the cafe, few meters away. Putting my attention on what is beautiful here, I don’t fear anymore.

After few moments a stranger stops by with his bike.

– Guten Abend!
– Hallo! Can we speak English?
– Yes. Where are you from?

(First minutes of the conversation follows conventional unwritten protocol, thus let me skip this part)

– On Monday we are inviting people to Potsdamer platz where at 6 o’clock we will gather to express our wish for peace.
 – What peace? ( irony is in the air)

Answer is all of what you expect, yet he says something that we hear for the first time:

 – …just gather all the people who believe in this idea and see what energy could we all create. Imagine being in the crowd where all believe in the same idea. It may not change something fundamental in this world, but may inspire new thoughts for each of us. No posters, no political message. Just stand there and be with each other.
 – Ok, we will be there.
 – 6pm Potsdamer platz, bye now!

He drives off and saying no words we lift our bottles of beer  up,  cheering each other with smiley eyes.



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