Personal explanation of connection

From time to time I always come up with different things that I test in life. Some of them stay, some go. Being a vegetarian for two years now is something that stayed for longer. It is like testing what fits for your body and what does not. My current fascination with hoola hoops might also be gone in few months, just as a strong wish to become a war journalist has vanished with time… However, every new passion gets me somewhere else. It takes me to that moment of right time and space sooner or later. How could I not follow them then? It brings you challenges and victories and stories and people and many other things that you might find useful later on. Leave it for the higher force to make the connections there, little tiny man you.

This time I feel like I need to share my new fascination – subconscious conversations.

It is so simple it hurts to see us missing out on it. Yet it is one of the gifts that we, as human beings, have and often take it for granted or use it in a way that does not really gives us a pleasure it could.


Practising a subconscious conversation takes some effort. By now I came up with a certain list of rules that one should follow to experience a conversation that makes you feel like everything around you vanishes, times stops for the time you talk and nothing else matters.

Rule number one – don’t think about yourself.

Have you ever become conscious of you shifting away from what the other person is saying? You start thinking of other things like Christmas shopping, what to get for dinner or your haircut that you need to get soon, as your hair are getting way too long. Or decide you are tired, bored. Well, that is your ego trying to shift you from something actually very powerful. Most of the time we do shift away and instantly come back to our own tiny little world of ME.

Rule number two – listen what the person is saying.

People say amazing things. They can take you on an adventure and make you get lost in their world! Listen to the people who travel: they will let you smell the senses of Turkish market. Listen to the people who paint: they will tell you how the process of creation liberates their mind. My personal favourite – listen to the people who read: they will open you the meanings of symbols. You will never read the book, listen to the music or look at the painting in the same way again – there are some many doors that will open up, that will start to tell stories. Listen to the people who have great humor sense – do I need to say any more?

Rule number three – keep strong eye contact.

Get lost in them. Imagine that you are looking straight to the soul – the energy that makes this body human. In fact, not only this body – any body, yours as well! Look straight there so your energy can connect to its sibling. Remember, its is our material form that makes us separate. Make a step up and find another part of you in others.

eye sight

Rule number four – don’t judge. 

If he or she is sharing an experience it must make sense in their world. You cannot say that this is right or wrong. good or bad, as for them things came one after other in this certain line. Instead try to understand  – jump into their shoes. If a person is explaining a certain emotion it helps to remember a time in your life that you felt the same and just try to trigger the same feeling in you through remembering your own story. Feel what they tell you. The more different emotions you experienced yourself the easier it is to understand various people.

Rule number five – forget about everything around you two

Escape time and space and get lost in this conversation. Nothing else is important. Nothing else, for the moment, exists.

Finally, this practise takes time and you certainly should not do this with everyone you bump into. Start with your closest friends or family members. Let your energy finally connect with another part of it trapped in a different body. It will thank you for escaping your ego, even if it takes a moment or two.

Loose yourself so you can find more if you in others.

Good luck!

Peace <3




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